The Kyiv Cutlets


Probably every tourist who visited the capital of Ukraine tried traditional Kyiv cutlets. This is the dish that can definitely satisfy your taste buds. Of course, unfortunately, not all people can visit Kyiv, but it is possible to cook these cutlets without leaving home. Just use this recipe, which will help to cook exactly the … Continue reading “The Kyiv Cutlets”

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Heart Shaped Sushi

Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Lots of people celebrate by going out to a fancy dinner, but some people prefer to celebrate by making something special for their loved ones.  If you’re looking for a fun idea that will make anyone happy, look no further.

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Skittles Vodka Party Favors

Isn’t that just what you always want to see when you come to a blog? Rainbow alcohol.  Absolutely (pun intended)!  Skittles Vodka is great like that.

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