Best Canned Sausage Gravy – Buyer’s Guide

Most people spend a lot of time on their daily work and hobbies, so they often don’t have time to prepare full-fledged food, which would be both tasty, nourishing and not harmful to the organism. Despite the huge popularity of fast food and a large number of stores selling less than nutritious food, there are many options for healthy eating with vegetables, steamed meat, and hot dishes.


Libby’s Country Sausage Gravy

McCormick Country Gravy Seasoning
What to do if you want something particularly tasty, but do not want to eat fast food meals? We’ve prepared the TOP 5 popular sauces on Amazon for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy your meal!
Name Net Wt Trans Fat Included Total Fat Included Calories Amazon Price
Libby’s Country Sausage Gravy

15 Oz/425 g

0 g

8 %


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Chef-mate Country Sausage Gravy

6 Lb 9 Oz/2.97 kg

0 g

12 %


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Morrison’s Country Style Gravy Mix

3/1.5 Lb Bags

1.5 g

5 %


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Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy Mix

6/2.75 Oz/78 g

1 g

4 %


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McCormick Country Gravy Seasoning

18 Oz

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Libby’s Country – experience the taste of delicious sausages on your plate

This hearty sauce is an excellent complement to or even a substitute for the Country Sausage Gravyusual breakfast. Have you slept at work? Do not have time to prepare the children to go to school? Would you like a quick snack during your lunch break? Libby’s Country Sausage Gravy contains pieces of natural hunting sausages from the best manufacturers in America and is able to quickly satisfy your hunger. This sauce is offered by the company at an affordable price and is very popular among consumers in America, and the ingredients of this product contain less calories than similar sauces.

Such a product is not only tasty, because it contains mostly natural ingredients, but also versatile. You can use this sauce along with side dishes, meat (it is especially tasty with fried dishes), as well as breakfasts and even crackers or biscuits. One of the secrets of cooking a quick and tasty dish with Libby’s Country Sausage Gravy is microwave cooking. Just place a side dish or biscuit for two to three minutes there and get a delicious, fragrant lunch that will give you energy for the whole day.

Please note: Sausage Gravy must be stored in the refrigerator. Also, this sauce is not recommended for use by young children.

Let’s see pros and cons of this product:

• Libby’s is a popular culinary manufacturer and has affordable prices throughout America;
• The sauce has a low salt content and enhances the taste of pre-prepared meals.
• Products have a short shelf life after preparation.

Libby’s created a convenient sealed packaging for the sauce, to maintain shelf life as long as possible. It is simple and does not take up much space in your kitchen. It is worth noting that it is this sauce that is often used in a cafe to supplement the rich taste of fries and other delicious side dishes. The product is convenient to use and adds a bit of spice and spicy aroma, and is also often used in pastry dishes. Try it – you will like it!

Chef-mate Country Sausage Gravy – some new tastes in your kitchen

A good sauce is capable of many things. It is able to save the failed dish, add Chef-mate Country Sausage Gravyzest to the signature recipe, and decorate a very simple meal. Therefore, do not ignore all the different varieties of sauces.

They really can be great to diversify your culinary life. If the classic “Tar Tar” and “BBQ” are not very difficult to prepare, then high-quality savory sauces require great culinary experience and time to cook. Chef-mate Company is a true friend of a busy housewife and cook and has already prepared something tasty for you.

Country Sausage Gravy is an excellent, flavorful addition to your sandwiches, nuggets, potatoes, as well as other side dishes and meat dishes. This brand of sauce, from one of the leading companies in America, is in a can and is very compact, and it has a long shelf life (18 months).

Such a culinary component has an excellent combination with pastries, biscuits, and crackers. If you like quick snacks and fast food, but do not want to eat foods that are too spicy or with a high fat content, then Country Sausage Gravy by Chef-mate will help you make your lunch or dinner really tasty.

Does it have advantages and disadvantages? Of course:

• It is versatile and has a good taste, even with sweet pastries;
• The sauce has low prices.
• Country Sausage Gravy has concentrates.

The main advantage of this dish is that even a child can cook it, and it will be ready in just a few minutes. The gravy is thick and aromatic; it goes well with mashed potatoes, pasta, boiled rice and cereals, and you can use a microwave or even a campfire for cooking if you use it on an outdoor trip. A special advantage is the delicious garlic taste and spicy sauce, which will add the flavor of a real Mexican lunch to your accompanying dish.

Morrison’s Country Style Gravy Mix – say “bye” to classic paprika

A well-known American company has developed a special sauce that would Morrison's Country Style Gravy Mixgo well with any homemade meal. Morrison’s Country Style Gravy Mix is ​​used in the preparation of minced meat, and serves as gravy for salad, potatoes, or other side dishes.

The sauce itself is very convenient to prepare and will take 10-15 minutes until it is table-ready.

The classic hermetic packaging, beautiful design and the indescribable taste of spices and peppers make it truly popular among Americans.

But the main quality for which this sauce is valued is a rich taste that adds spice and flavor to any dish. It is not too sharp and is enjoyed by children.

It is worth noting that Morrison’s Country Style Gravy Mix is ​​very popular among chefs and is not always available in stores. If you can see this sauce on one of the store shelves, be sure to buy it to fall in love with it forever. If you make purchases through online stores, you will not have problems finding Country Style Gravy Mix.

Let’s find out the main advantages and disadvantages of this sauce:

• It is very compact and does not lose taste for a long time;
• Gravy Mix is very fast and easy to prepare.
• The manufacturer has not provided small packages of sauce.

This is one of the most popular dishes in any international cuisine in the world. If you like to cook various delicacies at home, this sauce will become a real gastronomic helper for you thanks to its versatility. The natural basis of the recipe, the spicy taste and rich characteristics of this sauce will make your dish a real culinary masterpiece. It is also very convenient to store in the refrigerator and freezer, because the sauce is divided into three individual packages and can be frozen.

Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy Mix – a classic taste for the most delicious dishes

Pioneer Company took care of those home-cooking lovers who savor real Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy Mixclassic pepper and sausage sauce. Do you often cook meat and side dishes without added flavor? Now you can forget about the usual impression of homemade food. Sausage Gravy Mix contains natural smoked sausages for a pleasant taste during and after meals.

The sauce does not have garlic, so you can try it even on the first date. The sauce will perfectly complement meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It can also be used as a salad dressing.

Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy Mix is ​​ideal for pasta and vegetables. This sauce is one of the most common and well-known sauces. It is used in cooking almost all over the world, because it perfectly emphasizes the taste of various dishes. Therefore, it is rather difficult to say exactly in which country and by whom gravy mix sauce was first prepared.

The process of making this product is very simple. After receiving this from the store, you only need to stir the contents into boiling water. It takes about 5-7 minutes and does not require any effort. Pioneer Company made the process very fast, because it knows that the simplicity and speed of work is very important in the kitchen.

And let’s get to know some pros and cons of Country Sausage Gravy Mix:

• It is very convenient for cooking due to its size;
• You can choose the desired thickness of the sauce with water.
• There are no cons in Gravy Mix in our opinion.

The fragrance and flavor of Country Sausage Gravy Mix will arouse in you unique feelings. Most of ingredients of the sauce are natural and have not been heat treated. The shelf life of the product in the package is 18 months.

McCormick Country Gravy Seasoning – a truly compact sauce

Do you often use sauces outside the house? Summer is coming, which McCormick Country Gravy Seasoningmeans that country picnics, vacations at sea and even travels in the mountains are waiting for us.

McCormick Company took care to make this portable through compact packaging of the sauce and creating a convenient glass container for hermetic storage of the wonderful product.

The sauce in its factory form is a powder, which is very convenient to make into a delicious gravy in just a few minutes.

This dehydrated powder for serving with potatoes, meat, corn and other products is similar to that used by the military and even in space.

If we talk about the taste of this sauce, the product has a unique combination of Italian herbs, unique recipe and sausage flavor that will add a smoky flavor to your dish. This can be used with any type of meat and side dishes, and Country Gravy Seasoning is used in salads, sandwiches and even with biscuits and crackers. If you’re late for work or just want a light, tasty snack, Country Gravy Seasoning Sauce gives a special feel to any meal. It has neither artificial dyes and nor artificial flavors and remains tasty even when cold.

Why do you need to try some Country Gravy Seasoning? Here are the pros and cons:

• It is convenient for storage in a backpack or car;
• This sauce has the most natural herbs and ingredients.
• Any Cons wasn’t found.

You will be interested to know that there are many different recipes for McCormick Country Gravy Seasoning. You can use milk to make the sauce thick and use it in home baking, or even add sauce powder to the broth while cooking hot dishes. The sauce is versatile, so you can always experiment and find the right Country Gravy Seasoning recipe for your culinary delights.

Buyer’s Guide for Your Culinary Shopping

Most often, grocery purchases are made by women, who already know the main rules of high-quality goods and are able to find the best solution for their dishes.

But if you are a beginner, we recommend that you carefully read the composition of each sauce.

Prepared sauces should be stored in refrigerators and used as soon as possible. After opening the purchased sauce, do not allow water to get there, so as not to spoil the product.


We analyzed the composition, taste, and reviews of customers of each of these five sauces and came to a single choice. If we plan a picnic or fries festival in our team, we will definitely use the Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy Mix, because this sauce is the fastest to prepare and convenient to transport. This sauce is able to emphasize and complement the taste of any dish, and the small size of the package allows us to try new recipes. By the way, this sauce tastes especially well with breakfast and sandwiches.

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