Heart Shaped Sushi

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It is true what they say – the best present is the one created on your own. Nothing speaks louder about your love and devotion than a well-prepared dinner for the loved one, especially if such an occasion as a Valentine’s day is around the corner. You can come up with a perfect recipe depending upon your preference. However, I think that there is barely anyone who would refuse from a Valentine sushi roll, right? Just before you start browsing your local restaurants for a tasty heart shaped sushi box, I want to tell you that you can easily succeed with the task on your own and your beloved will be in complete awe from such a romantic dinner idea!

If you worry that you won’t be able to master something so complex as heart sushi, I will tell you that with my instructions, you will become a professional heart shaped sushi maker in no time!

Heart Shaped Sushi

I know that one look at this perfect heart shaped sushi may raise your concerns once again, but I assure you that you won’t find the simpler valentines day sushi recipe no matter how hard you look. The main trick here lies in the fact that you need to squish one side of the roll down using your thumb so that the roll looks like a teardrop instead of its usual shape. What you need to do next is to put two pieces of your teardrops to form a sushi heart. If you love it spicy, you can use some wasabi to make the valentine sushi stick together.

Another peculiarity of the valentines sushi made at home is that you can fit them to your preferences as well as the preferences of your partner precisely.

Now, let’s proceed to the steps to take to succeed with your sushi shaped heart:

Heart Shaped Sushi

Heart Shaped Sushi

Active Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: 2 servings

Heart Shaped Sushi


  • Cooked rice (approximately 4 cups)
  • Half a cup of rice vinegar
  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • Three tablespoons of salt
  • Nori (4 sheets approximately)
  • Filling of choice
  • Bamboo mat


  1. Start with mixing the sugar, salt, and vinegar together, heat the mixture up so that sugar and salt dissolve completely
  2. Now, combine the vinegar mix with rice, make sure you mix all well
  3. Take the bamboo mat and cover it with some plastic wrap
  4. Place a nori piece onto the mat so that the shiny side faces down
  5. Spread approximately a cup of rice over the nori piece, make sure that there is ay least half-inch space left at the top and bottom of the nori piece
  6. Add all the fillings you prefer to the bottom of the nori piece and start rolling up slowly
  7. Use either the mat or your hands to squish the roll to get one side that is quite pointy, the edge should be flattened though, and the other side should be rounded up, you will get a perfect teardrop if you do that
  8. Cut the roll into as many pieces as you like, match them to form those lovely valentine’s hearts
  9. Bon appetite!
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