Healthy And Tasty Sandwiches

Breakfast is a must-have meal. It sets the mood for the whole day. Therefore, a lot of people carefully choose what to eat in the morning. Most of them prefer oatmeal, eggs, cottage cheese, vegetables, and fruits. However, sometimes you want to dilute this diet with something else.

An excellent choice is a sandwich. It is fast and tasty. But at the same time, it is necessary to prepare a really healthy meal, which will not only please the taste buds but also provide the necessary level of micro and macro elements in the body.

In this article, you will find some really tasty and healthy recipes that can be easily prepared at home.

  1. Avocado Slices + Feta Cheese + Pomegranate

This delicious sandwich will give you a feeling of fullness for a long time. To cook it, fry 1 toast – it can be a slice of Panera tomato basil bread, put avocado slices on it, crumble up some feta cheese, add pomegranate seeds and sprinkle with olive oil.

  1. Raspberry + Blackberry + Basil + Cream Cheese

This delicious sandwich will be enjoyed by the sweet tooth. Smear the dried toast with cream cheese, put the halves of your favorite berries and a couple of basil leaves on top. Delicious breakfast is ready!

  1. Banana + Almond Oil + Chia Seeds

Smear the dried toast with almond or any other peanut butter, put banana slices on top and sprinkle with chia seeds. Tasty, useful and very fast!

  1. Fried bean puree + salsa + cilantro + eggs

If you have an active and eventful day ahead, start it with a sandwich. To cook it, smear the toast with two spoons of mashed bean puree, add a little salsa, and spread the fried egg on top. Garnish with a cilantro sandwich or other favorite greens.

  1. Hummus + walnuts + pomegranate

Hummus, walnuts and pomegranate seeds is an unusual, but very tasty combination. Note: use not store-bought, but personally cooked hummus to make the sandwich tastier.

  1. Marinara sauce + poached egg + basil + parmesan cheese

A hearty breakfast for those who need a lot of energy in the morning. Spread the marinara sauce on the toast, put the poached egg on top, a couple of basil leaves and sprinkle with grated parmesan.

  1. Smoked salmon + cucumber + cream cheese + shallot

And finally – it has become almost a traditional version with salmon and cream cheese. Smear the toast with cheese, put cucumber ribbons and salmon plates on it in random order, sprinkle with finely chopped shallots.

Enjoy your breakfast with our recipes!

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