Alcohol Preferences Around the World

For many people traveling is an integral part of life. Visiting new places we discover many new things as well as we discover many new things in ourselves. And of course, your journey cannot be complete if you do not talk with the local people. I suppose you probably know what you need to start a really sincere and interesting dialogue…Yes, you need some alcohol!

This article will tell you about the most popular alcoholic beverages around the world. Thanks to this information you can easily interest your foreign interlocutor.


Taste Bourbon while visiting the United States of America. Locals believe that it was invented in the US and of course they are proud of it. This beverage has an unforgettable taste and consists of fermented, aged grains that are at least 51% corn.


Caesar alcoholic drink is in great demand in Canada. Though it is not so famous as other drinks but Canadians love it. So, visit this beautiful country and discover a combination of vodka, Clamato, hot sauce, celery salt, Worcestershire, lime, pepper, and celery.


What alcoholic drink do you associate with Mexico? Undoubtedly it is tequila. Mexicans are proud of their national product and will always be happy to have a drink with you.

South America

Alcohol is not widely known to the public in this part of the world, especially its European part. As a result, many tourists are confused what to choose. Then you should know that Argentines like to drink Fernet with cola. Brazilians prefer Caipirinha. At the same time, Peruvians drink Pisco Sour. Moreover, Peruvians have a dispute with Chileans for the right to carry the status of the inventor of this alcoholic beverage.

Western Europe

The preferences of Europeans are also quite different. Although most people know that Ireland is a country where people like Guinness (they spend more than $2 billion annually on it) while people from France go crazy for champagne. In turn, also Spaniards have rather tasty traditional alcohol drink Sangria, which consists of cut fruit, red wine, and brandy. Germans are in love with beer, especially Reinheitsgebot beer. While traveling in England you have to try their Pimm’s No. 1 Cup. It is a gin-based spirit with fruit and spice flavors, mixed with (preferably) dry English bubbly lemonade, as well as mint, cucumber, and lemon or sometimes other fruits like apple and orange. When you hear about Austria and alcohol, the first thing that comes to mind is schnapps. Exactly, they really love it.

Eastern Europe

If you like Absinthe, then go to the Czech Republic. There you will find a company for sure. You have never heard of Mastika, have you? Don’t worry, Macedonians will tell you about it in detail.


These people like to drink vodka, a lot of vodka. So, if you are not ready enough for drinking, it will be a difficult task to drink with Russians. Especially take into account the fact that unlike most Westerners, who prefer less strong alcohol or vodka but with a taste like Jolly Rancher vodka drinks. Russians drink strong clear vodka, sometimes even without any food.


The most famous Asian drink is sake. It comes from Japan. However, Chinese prefer Maotai (fermented sorghum and wheat), while the Koreans drink Soju (clear, colorless rice, wheat, or barley spirit).

We hope, this information will help you to find the right approach to the locals in the most popular tourist destinations.

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