Jolly Rancher Vodka

The most popular post on this blog is the Skittles Vodka Party Favors.  It turns out that everyone really likes brightly colored DIY flavored vodkas.  Many of the comments I’ve received are about variations.  Different liquors, different sizes, or different candies.  People are so creative!  I’d never thought of half of the things that people have suggested.

Jolly Rancher vodka has come up several times, so I decided to give it a try.  I have to say, it was way better than skittles vodka.  The flavors are better and more pronounced and there is nothing that needs filtering.  Plus it’s still quite pretty which is important.

When I was cleaning up, I saw the blue (blue raspberry) and pink sitting (watermelon) next to each other and thought “What a brilliant baby shower drink!” Obviously, this would not be for the expecting mother, but other guests could make a drink with what color jolly rancher vodka they thought corresponded to the babies’ gender.  Make a blue drink if you think it will be a boy, make a pink drink if you think it’ll be a girl.  Fun and original!

Jolly Rancher Vodka

Inactive Time 8 hours

Active Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 8 hours, 10 minutes

Jolly Rancher Vodka


  • 1Vodka
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • 3 jolly ranchers per shot (I used 5/shot and some did not dissolve) or...
  • 3 shots per 1.5 oz alcohol or...
  • 3 shots per 50 mL alcohol


  1. Separate out the jolly ranchers by flavor. Place the appropriate number of jolly ranchers into a container with vodka that you are able to seal.
  2. Close the container and let it dissolve for 8-12 hours.Stirring or shaking the containers up may help, but it shouldn't be necessary if you didn't use too many jolly ranchers like I did. Easy, delicious, and you're done!


Serving suggestion: Make some instant lemonade and add to any flavor. It's amazing tasting (just like a jolly rancher)!

What is some other fun DIY alcohol experiment?  I’d love to check out what creative things you’ve done!

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