Meat-Free Mexican Dishes

Nobody doubts that Mexican dishes are widely known all over the world. Thanks to their spicy taste, they are different from the cuisines of other countries. Moreover, all recipes of traditional dishes have not changed and are made from the same ingredients as it was at the beginning of the 16th century. Most of the Mexican dishes have their traditional ingredients: beans, corn, hot chili pepper and its varieties, a variety of hot spices, cactus, meat, cocoa.

At the same time, in contrast to the ingredients of the Mexican dishes, we have significant changes in people’s food tastes and views in general. For example, many people, including Mexicans, prefer a vegetarian diet. And as you know, besides such basic ingredients as corn and chili pepper, meat is also often used. Following from this fact it will be useful to find out more delicious vegetarian dishes for Mexican food lovers.

  1. If you want to cook something for breakfast, then Mexican beans with avocado on toast is a great idea. This dish includes avocado and black beans, as a result, provides necessary micro and macronutrients for a healthy start of the day.
  2. Vegetarian taquitos recipe is a good option for a snack or an extra dish. Taquito means “little taco,” which is so popular in Mexico. Taste this delicious meal with savory ingredients.
  3. You will lose a lot if you don’t try Baja avocado tacos with chipotle crema and pickled slaw. It is a Californian Baja fish taco, with crispy battered avocado and spicy crema.
  4. Mexican bean soup with guacamole. Choose this warming, spiced vegetarian soup for a hearty lunch. It will improve your mood and productivity for the whole day.
  5. Planning a party? Cook Spicy black bean tacos for your friends. They will definitely appreciate the taste of the lightly spiced meal.

All these dishes are easy to cook. And you can freely find their detailed recipes on the Internet by entering the name of the dish.

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