Travel and Enjoy Pizza

Pizza is a product that has many fans around the world. But people from different countries have their own view on the recipe of this wonderful dish. As a result, there is a huge variety of pizza cooking options exist. This article will help you choose a restaurant where you can taste the best pizza in different corners of the Earth.

Mozza Pizzeria
Los Angeles, USA

Progressive culinary tandem of two chefs Nancy Silverton and Mario Batalia together with an experienced Italian-born restaurateur Joe Bastianich allowed this pizzeria to take the leading position among the best restaurants. They cook pizza in a good wood-burning oven which gives the pizza a delicate and rich taste. You can find there very extraordinary flavors such as fennel, caramelized onions, and prosciutto.

Pizzeria Da Michele
Naples, Italy

There is no matter how diligently the Americans to cook pizza, the real and the most delicious pizza is where its recipe was first invented, namely, in Naples. Pizzeria Da Michele is the oldest restaurant in Italy, which serves pizza. It was founded by Salvatore Condurro in 1870, who later handed his business to children. Their pizza is quite simple: marinara with tomatoes, oregano, and garlic, Margherita with tomatoes, basil and garlic which is created, according to legend, in honor of the arrival of Queen Margherita of Savoy to Naples in 1889. Despite the simple stuffing, their pizzas have the freshest ingredients and genuine love with a great story in each meal. Just like Bobby Flay Pizza Crust which is popular around the world.

Pizzeria – Foodtruck Pilgrims
London, United Kingdom

This pizzeria has a very interesting story about its opening. Once, two Britons and brothers — James and Tom — decided to travel to Italy to learn the secrets of cooking the country’s national dish. When they returned, they decided to sell pizza not in a restaurant, but in a small van, where they installed a special oven. Today, they still own a food truck, as well as a couple of establishments in the West End.

Pizzeria Starita a Materdei
Naples, Italy

Starita a Materdei can rightly be considered the legendary pizzeria. It was founded at the beginning of the previous century and captured in the film “Gold of Naples”, where Sophia Loren played. In their menu, you can find margarita with cheese from the milk of black buffalo and Montanaro Starita with cheese and tomatoes. People say that the pizza in this restaurant is so delicious that it was appreciated by Pope John Paul II himself.

Pizzeria Blanco
Arizona, USA

This place was not immediately included in the list of the best pizzerias. Its founder and chef, Chris Bianco, firstly opened a tiny pizzeria in the backyard of a grocery store in Phoenix in 1988. However, the irrepressible desire to make his pizza one of the most delicious in the United States eventually led Bianco to the opening of a full-fledged restaurant, which, by the way, was once visited by influential food critic Jeffrey Steingarten, who called Blanco pizza the best in the world. Today you can taste this dish with different stuffing, in particular, with red onions and parmesan or with rosemary and pistachios.

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