American Grocery Stores — New Opponents For Expensive Restaurants And Cafes

Modern grocery stores and restaurants compete for customers every day. Why is this so? The fact is that the majority of American stores offer a large selection of ready-made dishes to customers. These products are pretty tasty and have quite reasonable prices. In this article, we want to confirm this fact with an overview of several popular grocery stores.


According to publicly available information, the company prefers to works with the most reputable American grocery suppliers. Meat, vegetables and simple fruits have the highest taste rating among food lovers. Fresh fish, soft cheese, exquisite seasonings, and exotic fruits are imported from all over the world. Publix deli catering will surprise you.

Thus, the average check for a company of 4 adult people will be approximately $40-45.  However, there are special offers for families with children — a family chicken dinner, which costs only $12. We should also note a big variety of servings.


These shops offer everyone to try ready-made dishes that will pleasantly surprise both children and adults. A lot of customer’s comments and reviews testify that Wegmans chefs cook incredibly tasty.

A huge variety of dishes will not leave you indifferent to this place. We are going to familiarize you with and consider its reasonability. This place attracts more and more visitors due to low prices. You can enjoy incredibly tasty dishes and spend no more than $ 15-25.


Menu items range from light meals to incredibly nutritious meals. There you can try the delicious burgers with unusual tasty fillings, fried chicken with spices, tender roast beef, different types of salads, etc. Moreover, there are many vegetarian dishes that are not worse than traditional ones. The average check value for an adult varies from $15 to $23.

Trader Joe’s

This place has the same features as previous stores. Many satisfied customers point out a special portion system. Each customer can buy as a quarter of a chicken, and half, or even a certain amount of chicken pieces.

The latter is just perfect for groups of friends who like to eat a lot. Trader Joe’s remains a favorite place of many Americans because of its pleasant atmosphere and service and the features listed above for many years.


Why did we choose these stores? Our choice is based on their ratings and positive reviews. Now you know where you can eat delicious food and at the same time save some money.

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