A Balanced Breakfast Is A Guarantee of A Good Day

Every morning is a challenge for us. A new day can be positive or even gloomy and inhospitable. Much depends on your morning activity. We have prepared some tips for you. Follow our tips to start the day right and enjoy life.

The Sun is your friend

Spread the curtains and smile in the morning. Natural light has an effect on human body mass. American scientists have come to this conclusion more than 5 years ago. The period from 8 am to 11 am is the most suitable time for sunbathing. A body malfunction occurs if there is no sun in the morning or there is very little of it. This can affect the metabolism negatively and cause some problems related to weight excess.

Enjoy the morning sunrays for 20 minutes every day in case you want your biological clock to set up correctly. If the weather is cloudy for a long time, use special vitamins. You can regulate the biochemical processes in your body this way.

Water helps to recover

After you wake up you need to drink a glass of filtered water. Toxins and various slags remain in the body while we sleep. It is necessary to drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach in order to get rid of these undesirable elements and to prepare the body for a new day and various loads.

In addition, water on an empty stomach in the morning gives a person vivacity and gives strength for an active working day. Have breakfast in 20 – 30 minutes after drinking the water. You can also try water with honey, which will strengthen the body’s defenses and calm the nervous system.

A balanced breakfast is a must-have

Our body must receive the certain amount of calories every morning. The breakfast must contain at least 22-28 grams of protein. This amount of protein will allow you to remain full right up to lunch. Do not overdo it! Large quantities of protein can disrupt the nutrition system.

Oatmeal and scrambled eggs — the best choice.

Oatmeal is rich in protein and is not expensive. You can also add cinnamon, honey, apples or walnuts. Eggs are also very useful as they contain more than twelve essential vitamins and a huge amount of various useful elements.

Give up coffee and traditional tea. Try all the benefits of naturally decaffeinated tea. You will feel a very pleasant charge of cheerfulness and pure minds. Moreover, this tea has a very pleasant and delicate taste.

Positive is great!

Smile! Psychologists advise starting your day with a smile. After that, you will surely feel better. Start by smiling opposite the mirror, and then choose the brightest and beautiful plate/cup for the breakfast. This will set you up for optimism.

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