Carrot Souffle Recipe

October 6, 2013
Carrot Souffle

So for September, I challenged myself to make soufflé for The Scary Adventure.  This post is a little late…I was mad at this dish and here’s why.  First, I burned some butter.  Then I made half the soufflé (the part with the egg yolks) and I set it out to let it could cool.  I […]

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September – Soufflé

September 1, 2013
Cheese Souffle

Welcome to the first month of The Scary Adventure!  This month we will be focusing on soufflé.  Here I’ve collected pages and videos I’ve found to be helpful.  I’ve also created an Amazon store filled with all the tools you’ll need. First thing I searched for was a Good Eats video about soufflé.  Alton Brown explains things […]

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