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All about Holly:

I moved to Phoenix (where it is a million degrees all the time).

I love math and data as well as art and food.

I’m mostly vegetarian – I don’t like most meat.

I stopped blogging for nearly a year because I lost interest.  Oops.  Back now!

I love a challenge.  I started The Scary Adventure where I make things that are scary to me so that I always have a challenge.

I enjoy coding and learning more about coding.  Coming up with fancy social media icons is how I like to spend my weekend.  That’s why I’ve offered my services to help you.

I love photoshop.  I wish I knew how to use it better.

I’m working full-time and going to school part-time.  And managing this blog.

I’m on Pinterest way more than I should be.

I have pets.  Two kitties and a puppy.

IMG_0155IMG_0191marley 06-30-2013

I don’t have any kids.

I love food.  Mac and cheese being my favorite.

I eat out a lot.  I like to try new restaurants.

I love animals.  My favorite day  in the past year was at the zoo.

I once found a turtle the size of my thumb.  I showed the pictures to my whole office.

Questions? Contact Me: Email Holly at hollyshelpings@gmail.com!

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